Mica Heaters

Vishvkarma’s Strip Heaters, often regarded as component heaters, offer a straightforward means of effectively utilizing surface area for heat transfer. Representing a cost-effective solution for heating surfaces or small areas, strip heaters cater to a wide range of budgets. When utilized as radiant heaters, they can be equipped with fins to optimize surface area and enhance heat transfer to the surrounding air.

Construction: Mica Strip Heaters are meticulously crafted by wrapping a nickel-chrome resistance ribbon around mica insulation, all encased within a stainless steel sheath. They are available in a diverse array of sizes and configurations, offering options for holes, notches, and cut-outs. Various threaded terminals, wire lead choices, and terminal boxes provide considerable flexibility for field wiring. These heaters find ideal applications in plastic processing and wherever heat is required on either a flat or curved surface.

Key Features:

  1. Rapid heat-up time ensures a swift response to control input.
  2. The flat inner resistance ribbon generates a wide area of uniform heat, positioning the heat source in close proximity to the work surface.
  3. Precision assembly of winding and ribbon spacing ensures maximal heat transfer and prolongs the heater’s lifespan.
  4. The Stainless Steel sheath is treated to optimize surface conditions, promoting increased heat transfer and preventing oxidation.
  5. The Mica insulation exhibits resilience to high temperatures, resists moisture, and remains impervious to most chemicals.
  6. The Aluminized Steel sheath is corrosion-resistant, structurally robust, and adept at generating heat efficiently.

Vishvkarma’s Strip Heaters represent a reliable and cost-effective solution, offering versatility in size and configuration to suit a variety of heating needs across industries.

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