Strip Heaters

Vishvkarma Heaters’ Mica Band Heaters find extensive application in heating molds, dies, nozzles, and notably, cylinders (barrels) in various plastic processing machinery.

These heaters offer an economical solution and excel in thermal conductivity, relying on “conduction” for efficient heat transfer. This characteristic enables swift heating and cooling processes.

Key Specifications:

  • Maximum sheath temperature: up to 480°C (900°F)
  • Maximum watt density: 25 watts/square inches (Note: For high watt density requirements, it’s crucial to use these heaters with appropriate, approved temperature control/sensor devices.)

The integrated insulation is specially formulated to enhance heat reflection and overall performance.

Low mass heaters provide optimal controllability, allowing for quick heat delivery to the object being heated. This is especially beneficial for rapidly heating “Polymer Melt,” and the autotune function on a control system works exceptionally well in such scenarios. The flexible one or two-piece design facilitates swift and easy installation, and the heater can be fully opened to match the cylinder’s diameter.

Common shapes like square, rectangular, and hex-shaped mica heaters can be custom-manufactured to your specifications, available with leads or terminals.

Vishvkarma Heaters employs an exclusive design methodology that maximizes the coverage of the heated area with element wire. This results in uniform heat distribution and extends the heater’s lifespan, effectively meeting the evolving needs of plastic processors.

While theoretically, there are no limitations on the diameter that ceramic band heaters can achieve, practical constraints arise from the availability of ceramic tiles in specific lengths, thereby restricting the width to certain incremental sizes.

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